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The blacksmiths and metal fabricators at Burvills Ltd have 180 years of shared experience. Our architectural and ornamental bespoke metalwork makes use of quality materials, and our company can manufacture balustrades, balcony railings and steel gates for all customers in the nearby Woking area. We also fabricate and fit metal staircases to the bespoke specification of homeowners, businesses, architects, designers and developers.


Stainless steel is the most common material used in the manufacture of metal staircases, and our craftsmen can create straight, helical and spiral designs to work alongside balustrades and balcony railings. Steel gates, however, usually have an iron and carbon mix.


The durability of stainless steel makes it a particularly good choice for bespoke metalwork, and for staircases in particular. Burvills can produce commissions to match the style layouts of properties in the Woking area by using zinc or powder-coated finishes. The use of stainless steel is critical in the manufacture of metal staircases because misunderstanding the finish has a negative visual impact on surrounding balustrades and balcony railings.


Those going for a visual style across an entire property will want the finish to also match steel gates, perimeter railings and metal fencing.


This is why we personally visit sites in Woking, Surrey and the South East, and take the time to survey properties thoroughly before providing the design and specification for bespoke metalwork to our customers.




Burvills Ltd uses the finest raw materials to fabricate balustrades, balcony railings and steel gates. For metal staircases, we use 304 grade stainless steel for internal installations and 316 marine grade stainless steel for external work. 316 grade stainless steel withstands the harshest weather conditions, resists corrosion, allows for an eye-catching finish and, most importantly, has an incredibly impressive lifespan.


When it comes to bespoke metalwork, we want our Woking customers to be nothing less than delighted with our efforts. Burvills can produce gloss, matt, mirrored and polish finishes on its metal staircases, and achieves matching finishes on balustrades and balcony railings for those who need a staircase to access a balcony or terrace.


For installations at commercial properties in the Woking area, Burvills Ltd can deliver coloured finishes to match company branding and this is something we can also do for steel gates and railings. The ease and simplicity with which stainless steel cuts, forms, fabricates, machines and welds make it a first-choice material in the manufacture of metal staircases.


Stainless steel as a bespoke metalwork material also helps the environment because it is 100% recyclable and already contains up to 80% of recycled material when it first reaches us. Using stainless steel to manufacture metal staircases helps us to maintain our own sustainability initiatives, and we make the same effort to be eco-friendly in the fabrication of balustrades, balcony railings, steel gates and all commissions created by our skilled craftsmen.


This is what makes Burvills Ltd such a popular choice with customers in the Woking area, in Surrey and across all surrounding locations in the South East region.

For bespoke metalwork services in Woking and all areas around Esher, call Burvills Ltd on 01932 589666.

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