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Formed in 1945 and with a team of skilled craftsmen sharing close to 200 years of shared industry experience, Burvills Ltd is a trusted bespoke metalwork specialist for the Twickenham area. Located in the Surrey town of Esher, we commission unique pieces for our customers and place a strong focus on external property installations. We plan, design and fabricate to produce balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases and steel gates in a variety of classic and contemporary designs.


We combine the time-honoured skills of a traditional blacksmith with what we believe to be the most advanced assembly and production techniques in our sector, fabricating bespoke metalwork in unique designs to match the ideas of our Twickenham customers.


This page looks at our work on balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases and steel gates.




Balconies and terraces are a perfect choice for socialising and entertaining guests. Balustrades line balconies and metal staircases as a row of individual bespoke metalwork columns, finished and topped with a handrail. These columns, known as balusters, provide homes and businesses in the Twickenham area with a stylish design aesthetic and a safe user experience, but without destroying the natural beauty of the surrounding view.


Modern balustrades utilise glass for a more contemporary design aesthetic, and also have a full range of interior applications for home and office spaces.




Used as an alternative to traditional balustrades, balcony railings have a similar appearance to those used alongside steel gates around the perimeters of some Twickenham properties, and combine an essential barrier of protection with a more traditional bespoke metalwork style. Use on a standalone basis with access to a terrace from inside the build or combine with metal staircases to provide floor level access from the outside.


Balcony railings come in a choice of zinc or powder-coated finishes, the same as we use on steel gates and perimeter railings.




With the inclusion of bespoke metalwork in a straight, helical or spiral design, a staircase provides safe access and egress, both to and from balconies and terraces. Burvills Ltd can also fabricate metal staircases for use as fire escapes, cat ladders and swimming pool steps. The use of a galvanised coating protects our staircases from corrosion, and property owners in the Twickenham area never have to worry about debris flaking into their pools.


Burvills Ltd produces the framework and handrails for metal staircases from steel, and the treads from Durbar plate or Ambi-Deck.




Balustrades, balcony railings and metal staircases are forms of bespoke metalwork that help our Twickenham customers to get more enjoyment from their balconies and terraces, but steel gates play a vital role in protecting their properties and personal assets. Combined with metal fencing or railings, steel gates provide an important first layer of security and serve as a deterrent for potential intruders – an important consideration in an age where more homes and businesses than ever before are under attack.


Burvills Ltd can design steel gates to include the addition of automation for easy entry and egress.

For bespoke metalwork services in Twickenham and all areas around Esher, call Burvills Ltd on 01932 589666.

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