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To provide a level of service that blends in the traditional skills that have hallmarked our business since 1945, Burvills Ltd uses innovative assembly, production techniques and equipment to fabricate its bespoke metalwork. Located in Esher, and with services available in the nearby Kingston area, our company creates balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases and steel gates to design specifications agreed with the customer after an initial site survey.


This page takes a look at some of the more common techniques and equipment used by our bespoke metalwork specialists.


Fabrication – This is a widespread term that applies to the cutting, bending and manipulation of metal, and its assembly, to create balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases, steel gates and more for our customers in the Kingston area. It is very much a value-added process and one frequently used to manufacture parts, components and structures.


Most bespoke metalwork from Burvills Ltd goes through our traditional fabrication processes, many of which apply to the time-honoured trade of blacksmiths.


CNC Milling and Turning – CNC technology eliminates the margin of error associated with work on traditional lathes and milling machines. The input of code written to a set specification helps us to turn out metal balusters for balustrades, bars for balcony railings and lengths for steel gates to near-identical sizes and in much higher volumes.


These are two of the most modern processes used to produce bespoke metalwork for properties in Kingston, and we also use them to manufacture fixtures and fittings for metal staircases.


Laser Metal Cutting – Perfect for work on aluminium and stainless steel, laser metal cutting machinery also has CNC adaptability. The laser cuts by melting through the material and, because it adapts so well to bespoke metalwork on stainless steel in particular, Burvills Ltd uses this equipment frequently in the manufacture of straight, helical and curved metal staircases.


This machinery also uses nitrogen, under high pressure, to discharge molten metal from the cutting procedure into the kerf.


MIG and TIG Welding – Assembly is key to operations at Burvills Ltd and, to join the components of balustrades, balcony railings and steel gates together, we use modern MIG welding and TIG welding equipment. A MIG welder uses a continuous feed of wire from a spool whereas a TIG welder uses rods that feed slowly into the weld puddle.


Burvills uses MIG welding when the bespoke metalwork for a Kingston customer has thicker dimensions but opts for TIG welding when the job needs more control with root pass weld penetration.


Finishing – All components fitted by our company have a galvanised zinc coating to protect against the elements, or a powder-coated finish to provide a unique style or to reflect company branding. Our customers can have balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases and steel gates finished in a wide palette of colours to match the design of a home or business.


We can discuss coatings for our bespoke metalwork on our first visit to your Kingston property and include any preferences you might have into our design specification.

For bespoke metalwork services in Kingston and all areas around Esher, call Burvills Ltd on 01932 589666.

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