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Burvills Ltd is the Chelsea area’s preferred choice for bespoke metalwork fabrication and an established company, formed in 1945, with more than 180 years of combined experience in its team. We welcome all orders and commissions, using our traditional skills alongside modern processes to manufacture balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases, steel gates and bespoke components and structural items that we also install onsite.


This page answers questions on bespoke metalwork and provides prospective customers in the Chelsea area with a clear idea of what we do as a company.


How impressive are your company credentials?


Tradition is the cornerstone of our company and we believe there is no substitute for experience. We started out in business as blacksmiths from premises in Hersham. Today, from our location in Esher, we provide bespoke metalwork services for all customers in Greater London, Surrey and the South East including those in Chelsea. Burvills is a proud and accredited DHF member.


To create balustrades, balcony railings, metal staircases and steel gates, we combine our traditional fabrication skills with modern assembly and production practices.


What are balustrades and why would I need them?


Balustrades have a series of columns, called balusters, which have a handrail positioned on top. We use our bespoke metalwork skills to produce balusters in a range of unique designs. Balustrades themselves have internal and external applications, with internal glass balustrades being a popular choice for offices and business premises in the Chelsea area.


Externally, balustrades work well on balconies and terraces because they create a safe environment to socialise in without compromising property styles or the surrounding view.


Are balustrades different to balcony railings?


Yes. Balustrades usually come as part of a system with a metal staircase which provides access to a balcony or terrace from ground level. Balcony railings tend to be a standalone feature used on properties in Chelsea where the only access to a balcony or terrace is from the inside of the build, but this is not exclusive to their use and some homeowners simply prefer them.


Our bespoke metalwork specialists use wrought iron in the fabrication of balcony railings and steel gates, and stainless steel and glass in the manufacture of balustrades.


Are metal staircases solely for use with balustrades?


No. Our Chelsea customers can have metal staircases commissioned for a wide range of purposes and, while they work perfectly with balustrade systems, home and business owners also use them to create fire escape routes, cat ladders and steps for swimming pools. Bespoke metalwork is a versatile choice for you to use as you wish with any realistic design proposal.


Using metal staircases as swimming pool steps relies heavily on the galvanised coatings we use which, in turn, stop debris from flaking off into the water.


Are steel gates a bit excessive for most properties?


We think not. One only needs to open a newspaper or turn on the TV to hear of attacks on properties and, while Chelsea is a nice place to live, it often pays to be cautious. Steel gates provide homes and businesses with a vital first layer of protection to ward off threats from intruders, and keep you, your family, your employees or your assets safe.


Modern steel gates have automated features which grant users easy entrance and egress from their properties. We can factor automation into the design of our bespoke metalwork and support our fabrications with a full onsite fitting service.

For bespoke metalwork services in Chelsea and all areas around Esher, call Burvills Ltd on 01932 589666.

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